By Carlito Rovira

Since the white supremacist rebellion on January 6, 2021 at the Capitol building there has been an exerted effort by the mass media, and other apologists, to describe the people who attended as “misled” by Trump’s rhetoric.

This narrative is not only false but also patently dangerous.

The MAGA loyalists descended upon Washington, DC from every part of the United States days before the attempted coup to eagerly support Trump on his “wild” rally. Each of the participants were committed to support Trump, and others in the G.O.P, in a pathetic last stand of failure to suppress the Black vote and the will of the people.

Denying African Americans the right to vote has historically been a symbolic feature of white privilege based on Black oppression.

White supremacy has existed like the official religion of the United States.

Since the start of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign his supporters were well aware of his white supremacist stance, beginning with his derogatory attack on Mexican people. Needless to mention his hurtful and racist overtures towards the Puerto Rican people when Hurricane Maria claimed nearly 5,000 lives; Trump has also been quoted as saying that “Puerto Ricans are dirty and poor”. Let us also not forget that Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries.”

Trump’s offensive trivializing gesture on Sept 12, 2018 following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

Trump supporters were not lured, they have been his willing followers. They have had ample time to figure out what his rhetoric represents and its potential deadly consequences for Black and Brown people.

One only needs to ask what the attitudes of these Trump followers towards the police murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and the many Black and Brown people killed similarly. But yet, we can see how even the media will tend to lend sympathy for the fanatical Trumpster Ashli Babbitt who was shot to death by Capitol Police.

The rage that was displayed by these insurrectionists is rooted in the historic backward traits deeply embedded in the customs, habits and traditions of white people ever since African chattel slavery in the United States. These “patriots” were driven by the need to preserve their white privilege.

In every objective sense they are more than just Trump supporters, they are participants in a menacing fascist movement in this country. Overtures for “national healing” now being made by politicians, the media, liberal commentators and so on, serves to obscure who in this society has the onus to make amends — history proves that it is NOT Black and Brown people.

The only solution to this rising fascist-racist momentum is for unity on a meaningful basis, in which a militant people’s movement comes about. Our white brothers and sisters must adopt the disposition of the abolitionist John Brown and raise the cause against racist oppression as their very own. As long as unity on that basis does not exist the beneficiaries of white privilege will continue to have complicity in racist oppression.


  1. That’s the GOD’S honest truth every word here is exactly what happened the MAGA crowd is so entrench in crazy and blinded lies that there’s no way to change there minds cause they are mindless blind followers.


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